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What is RLPS about?

This time the RLPS Intensive Week will be held at the University of Miskolc during the third week of September, starting from 15th until 20th. You get to meet students from the four LIMBRA partners: Kosice, Krakow, Miskolc and Ostrava, and you will form teams to solve the real life problem given by Remy BPI Group Hungary. During the week you will visit the Remy premises, get a lot of useful information that can help to solve the problem, and there will be some courses as well helping you work in teams and be more creative. Some of the courses:
- Leadership training
- Communication and Pitching
- Creativity & Ideation Process

The best thing is that the students from Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic can get a scholarship so that they can pay for the accommodation much easier.

We hope that we will see eachother in September! 


Further info on the meeting is available in the LIMBRA event calendar. Click here to download the full schedule!



You can apply for the intensive week below this post. Selection criteria: area of study & GPA. Please note that according to the EIT requirements you have to be a citizen of a V4 country to be eligible for participation in this event.

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