LIMBRA Entrepreneurship Coaching & Mentoring Programme

LIMBRA Mentoring Programme – Become a stay-at-home entrepreneur!

Take advantage of the LIMBRA acceleration programme and enjoy the following benefits:

• Develop your entrepreneurial project in the field of raw materials.

• Acquire the necessary skills and tools to develop your business ideas in the field of raw materials.

• Receive training, mentoring and take advantage of networking with relevant actors for the maturation of your business project.

• Become part of the raw-materials new business creation strategy in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and share an intercultural experience.

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The mentoring programme is aimed at achieving a maturity stage that allows you to improve and strengthen your entrepreneurship projects in 3 main areas:

Investment (Investment Ready): Prepare you to have an attractive proposal before professional investors that allow you to sustain growth, as well as facilitate access to public financing means.
Market (Client Ready): Prepare you to negotiate your first commercial contracts or increase your current base, with an exposure to end customers that allows you to adapt your technological and business proposals.
Technology (Technology Ready): Consolidate your products and services through a differential technological proposal, protected and prepared for commercial scaling.
The main objectives of the mentoring programme are:

• To choose the most talented students, develop their core competencies applying practical simulation examples and techniques, and through a mentoring programme making them fit to launch their own businesses.

• The participants should understand the customer’s needs and learn how to orient their project to customers’ and another stakeholders’ satisfaction and how to identify opportunities beyond the market needs, promoting value generation through quality products, services and processes; developing effective exchange relations.

• Participants will be able to understand the different needs of the customers through secondary sources and particularly based on visits and real interviews to potential clients, in order to check out how their solutions would satisfy them.

• The main objective of this mentoring programme is to develop a business concept which can serve as a bridge between an idea and a business plan.

• Based on this concept the participants can make their own business plan and after that they will be able to implement it. This comprehensive perspective can guarantee the sustainability of their businesses and creating value for the stakeholders in the short-, mid- and long-term.

To achieve these objectives, LIMBRA will make available to each researcher a mentor, who will be the researcher’s contact person during the programme.

• Moreover, mentors will provide advice and accompaniment in public financing, internationalization, technology, asset protection and legal aspects.

• Mentors will allow researchers to contrast and validate your business propositions individually.

Mentors will help researchers with the preparation of a business plan via blended learning courses. This will include:

• Market Analysis Study,

• Customer Segmentation,

• IPR protection,

• Business Model,

• Implementation Plan.

You may apply to participate in the mentoring programme here (application will start later)

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