Ana Arroyo - Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation

Ana Arroyo holds a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering from the University of Deusto in Bilbao (1986). She’s a certified Coach of Team entrepreneurs by Tiimiakatemia- University of Applied Sciences at Jyväskylä (Finland) and Belbin® Team-Role Accredited (2013). Currently she is project manager at Policy for Innovation and Technology Unit in Tecnalia.
She has a broad experience in managing innovation projects (DG RTD, Erasmus +, EIT KIC Raw material) for different sectors and with multicultural teams with different backgrounds. She has been innovation project evaluator in the program of Industry Department of the Basque Government to foster innovation and competitiveness in enterprises.
For DG RTD, as project Coordinator, she has just successfully finished the project related with industry 4.0 ProSEco: Collaborative Environment for Eco-Design of Product-Services and Production Processes Integrating Highly Personalised Innovative Functions. European NMP2-LA-2013-609143, (www.proseco-project.eu).
She has gained a broad experience in creating educational programmes. She has designed and carried out training programs to promote entrepreneurship mindset and innovation skills using teaching methodologies with learning by doing experiential approach. 

Lucia Domaracká - Technical University of Kosice

Lucia Domaracká works at TUKE Košice, Faculty of BERG as Associate Professor at the Institute of Earth Resources, Department of Earth Resources Management, where she is also Head of the Department. She is scientifically dedicated to the issue of earth resources in terms of their obtaining and economic aspects. In the field of geotourism, she addresses and publishes interdisciplinary issues of geotourism and economics. She also deals with the issue of land resources marketing. She has over 70 publications on her account. Including monographs about mining investment: Mining investment, Valuation and investments processes in mineral raw materials.
Since 2017 is one of the owners of startup MINEWOLD, which maximize the use of underground, ideal mining spaces not only to show the history and present of mining, but virtual and widespread reality together with the adaptation of the space should bring the experience of the present moment.

Marta Sukiennik - AGH University of Science and Technology

Ph. D. Marta Sukiennik is a scientific worker employed at the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering in Krakow. She is the author of many scientific publications. She participated in several research works, including "Analyzes of the possibilities to improve the economic and financial efficiency of open-pit open-pit mining resources" or "Development of the mining optimization service concept in hard coal mines for the energy grid implemented under the PlGrid Plus project." Scientific interests concern aspects of organizational culture, modeling and optimization. The second area of scientific interest is issues related to project management and supporting management processes.

Simona Matuskova - VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

Simona Matuskova holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master's degree in European Administration Studies from VSB Technical University of Ostrava. She got her Ph.D. degree in the field of Management of Industrial Systems at the VSB Technical University of Ostrava. 

She strarted working in 1992 as a Sales Manager and after that she stayed in the field of Marketing and Sales until 2006. She has an intrest in Economy, Management, Marketing, Raw Materials Industry, Transport and Logistics, Communication and Public Relations

She is experienced not only in strategic management, but she also works as a lecturer (Brownfield Management, Economy, Theory of the Firm and Marketing, Financial Management of Industrial Enterprises, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication). She also took part in many research and education project such as: (EU, Eureka, TACR, IRP, OPVK,TARP) 

Tekla Sebestyén Szép - University of Miskolc

Tekla Sebestyén Szép holds a Master’s degree in business economics, and got her PhD at the University of Miskolc in Management and Organisation sciences in 2013 (topic: The economic role of energy in East-Central Europe, between 1990 and 2009). She has worked at the University of Miskolc since 2009, where she has/had held various positions: associate professor (2019-), Institutional EIT KIC Raw Materials coordinator (2018-), deputy director of Institute of World and Regional Economics (2017-). She is the member of the Scientific Subcommittee on Regional Sustainability of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and is the secretary of this subcommittee (2018-). She is also a member of the Hungarian Economic Association, Hungarian Energy Association, Hungarian Regional Science Association, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (member of the public body). At the University of Miskolc she teaches Environmental Economics, World Economics, SAP ERP, International and Regional Economics, Analysis of foreign economic activity, Human Resource Controlling. She is experienced in energy economics, macroeconomic modelling, econometric and statistical analysis. In last years she was involved in many projects (e.g. Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI CBC Programme, ESPON, CREATOR, EIT KIC Raw Materials, TÁMOP, EFOP, etc.).


Unai Calvar - Tecnalia Ventures, S.L., Sociedad Unipersonal

Unai Calvar Aranburu holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics & international Relations from the University of Kent; and a Master’s degree in e-Business from the University of Deusto.

He has worked at Tecnalia since 2007 in different positions: as researcher in the field of Innovation Policies, where he provided strategic advice to public institutions on the definition, implementation and assessment of innovation policies, strategies and programmes that promote technology-based competitiveness and generate optimal environments for economic and social development; as visiting researcher at the Joint Institute for Innovation Policies; prior to this he worked closely with the Basque Government in different projects related to the development of the Information Society in the period 2007-2013.

He is experienced in the design, development and management of workshops related to transferring knowledge, especially within the ICT sector. He has participated in the design of the Basque Government’s strategic plan for the Information Society, defining programmes and initiatives which aim at bridging the digital gap in society and SMEs.

Zoltan Bartha - University of Miskolc

Zoltan Bartha holds a Master’s degree in business economics, and got his PhD at the University of Miskolc in Management and Organisation sciences in 2006. He has worked at the University of Miskolc since 2003, where he has/had held various positions: editor of Theory, Methodology, Practice | ISSN 1589-3413 – print; 2415-9883 – online (2010-); head of the Economic Policy Department (2013-); secretary of the Enterprise Theory and Practice Doctoral School (2013-2016); Institutional Erasmus Coordinator (2014-). He is the member of the Scientific Committee on Futures Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and was the secretary of this committee in the period 2015-2018. He is also a member of the Hungarian Economic Association. His current academic position at the University of Miskolc is Associate Professor, where he teaches Economic Policy, Institutional Economics, Economics and Economic Theory. He is experienced in macroeconomic modelling, and has many publication related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Recently has been involved in international student mobility studies as well.

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