Work Packages for the Project

WP2: Building community among partners via promotion of entrepreneurial culture


WP2 is dedicated to building community, which has three main pillars, such as market analysis,

networking activities and last but not least the supportive events such as national thematic

conferences and workshops which helps to implement both of the Action line I and II of RIS strategy

in order to engage local players (such as local authorities, Chamber of Commerce, NGOs) in KIC

activities and mobilize national/regional networks. The EIT RM HUB Center Kosice gives the

backbone of this WP utilizing its rich contacts and dissemination channels all over the ESEE region.

Task 2.1 – Analysis the market situation from the perspective of SME’s (related to RM sector of V4)

Analysis is going to deliver a complex market report focused on social, economic, political,

technological, regulatory/ legal and environmental factors through PESTEL analysis. The aim is to

catch up with global innovation trends by multilevel analysis structure on the following levels:

o macro level

sectoral market analysis (vertical approach)

networking (horizontal approach)

o meso level: focusing on institutions (organizations)

o micro level: employees.

Identification of the relevant market players and stakeholders is significant step to achieve the best

results of the project.

Task 2.2 – Events, conferences, workshops and promotion programs

The sense of the Thematic events 1 to 3 is to outreach awareness of RM sector especially between

young people and wide society, bring the idea visible and acceptable. The European Researchers’

Night, the European Minerals Day and the Earth Day are organized annually in the European higher

education institutions. The thematic events (in LIMBRA) will supplement them and will be

implemented by every partner university applying local human resources and targeting the local


The main target group of the Workshop on “How to support a start­up – best practices” is the

consortium partners (later mentors). The second workshop on “How to start a business – best

practices” will be organized mainly for students and partly for the consortium partners, and on the

third workshop on “Idea Challenge” the target audience is strictly the students.

Task 2.2.1 – Thematic event 1 (connected to European Researchers' Night)

The European Researchers’ Night is a Europe­wide public event to enhance researchers’ public

recognition and to stimulate interests in presented careers. It is planned to participate within this

event in one of the involved partner cities with minimum of three participants. Topic of the event will

be given on kick­off meeting.

Task 2.2.2 – Thematic event 2 (connected to European Minerals Day)

The European Minerals Day thematic event will illustrate the essential role of mineral raw materials in

Europe's economy, contributing to innovation and resource efficiency all across the value chain.

Typical activities for local community include guided visits through active and rehabilitated sites,

workshops, and entertainment activities for children. Topic of the event will be given on kick­off


Task 2.2.3 – Thematic event 3 (connected to Earth Day)

This thematic event will conclude the series of events raising awareness of RM. Earth Day Network’s

mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. So there is

space for us to promote awareness of the possibilities of environmentally friendly use of mineral raw

materials. Topic of the event will be given on kick­off meeting.

Task 2.2.4 – Workshop on “How to support a start­up – best practices”

This workshop will be organized to the consortium partners, especially to those experts who will

participate in the implementation processes of Summer Schools, Multidisciplinary Real Life Problem

Solving projects and mentoring. The workshop will be hosted by Technalia, because it has extensive

experience of business support and mentoring and can take a comprehensive review about the main

tasks, challenges, complex issues and possible pitfalls.

Task 2.2.5 – Workshop on “How to start a business – best practices”

In line with the previous workshop, this event will motivate the students with showing best practices

related to how to establish and manage successfully a company in the field of RM. The workshop will

be led by TUKE experts, who have experience in setting up a number of successful startups. An EIT

expert who will have direct experience with implementing a new business into a practical environment

will also be part of it.

Task 2.2.6 – Workshop on Idea Challenge

This workshop will serve as an introduction section to WP3 and WP5 and it will be offered to master

students from partner universities of V4. The aim is to find from one to three interesting and

potentially sustainable idea suitable for implementing to RM market as startup. Challenge is going to

be in two rounds. The first round will be realized on the universities individually. After selecting it the

successful students will be sent to second round to Technical University of Kosice, where the event

will be organized. Basically their themes will originate from the diploma thesis. Conference language

is English what will help to improve their practice within international communication.

Task 2.2.7 – Closing conference

The conference will offer a platform for exchange and discussion about challenges, possible

enterprise solutions and best practices in the European RM sector. It will address the topic from

different perspectives and reflect to key tendencies (highlighting the outcomes of mobility and brain

drain). We will invite researchers and practitioners, as well as policy makers to participate in this

conference. There will be a special section to inspiring and engaging women and girls in science,

where female entrepreneur and market players will present their work and success.

Task 2.3 – Promotional activities

Primary aim of the promotional activities is to achieve sufficient results level of overall deliverables of

the project. One of the milestones of the T2.3 will be and promotional material creation. There is

considered to use a newsletter system (Mailchimp platform) to keep in touch with all the relevant

stakeholders, communication through social media or creation of promotional YouTube video, which

is a very effective tool to reach the young people. Further, this activity will include traditional

marketing tools such as leaflet, poster distribution, and so on. This activity will be supported by EIT

RM Regional HUB Center Kosice.



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