Work Packages for the Project

WP1: Project management


The long implementation period of the project and the five work packages, including the consortium with six members, requires the establishment of Project Steering Committee which can coordinate the

project well.  The University of Miskolc, as lead partner is responsible for the quick set­up of the project’s organisational and communication structure in order to safeguard a smooth project start and enable an immediate uptake of activities. Each partner will be personally informed on the relevant rules and regulations as well as project internal workflows. The project management will be responsible for the preparation, collection and maintenance of contractual documents and will ensure that project partners are aware of the project’s legal framework at all times. In this context, direct communication lines will be established with the legal departments of all project partners. Another responsibility is to organize and follow­up of periodic project meetings to assess and discuss project progress. Compilation of the performance and finance reports will be managed by Project Steering Committee. The management team will coordinate the collection and monitoring of periodic cost claims, appropriate justification of declared costs in project reports, follow­up of EC payments, collection of audit certificates at the end of the project where necessary, and the timely distribution of partner shares. A main task of the Project Steering Committee will be the monitoring of work package status measured against deliverable and milestone planning, and quality assurance of project outcomes: The progress of each WP will be presented by the WP leader during the regular project meetings and also ad hoc by personal communication if the need arises, and assessed by the Steering Committee.

Task 1.1. – Administration, financial management and reporting

The University of Miskolc will provide all the necessary tools (work plan and management guide) to the consortium. Management guide will define concrete roles to project partners based on the project's work plan. Project Steering Committee will be established within project consortium (representatives from: coordinator, project partners and task partner). University of Miskolc as coordinator will be responsible for all six project partners and will report their performance and expenditure to EIT KIC.

Task 1.2. – Project meetings

During of the project the consortium partners will meet personally at least two times per year. During the meetings, progress of the project will be discussed, especially relating to contractual obligations, reported expenditures and all of the work packages will be discussed. Steering group will meet at those meetings to discuss possible bottlenecks and define measures to mitigate risks. Project meetings will be hold in Miskolc (kick­off), mid­term project meetings in Kosice, Krakow and Derio and the closing conference will be organized also in Miskolc.

Task 1.3. – Communication, dissemination and exploitation

After project’s start, a communication and dissemination plan (including a promotional activities plan related to WP2, Task 2.3) will be developed. In that the ways of communication among partners will be defined. University of Miskolc as coordinating partner will designate the person responsible for public relations. There will be a website for the project that will facilitate the flow of information and will make public the project results.




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