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WP3: Small and Medium Enterprises Developament Training Programs

The project learning materials are now available on the University's e-learning module: https://memooc.uni-miskolc.hu/nyilt/course/index.php?categoryid=14&lang=en


In the communist period of this region the state­owned companies dominated the raw material sector

and the entrepreneurial skills were not supported. The willingness to take entrepreneurial action is

one of the most important issues running a new business and being a successful entrepreneur, but

today the necessary skills, because of the historical roots, are missing. As the MOVE concluded the

migration in V4 countries tends to be age specific, the highest mobility rates correspond to young

working ages. The main objective of this WP is to reach the undergraduate and postgraduate

engineer students related to RM (preferring those who have additional international educational and

cultural experience) and to develop their entrepreneur knowledge. Short trainings (International

Summer Schools) are going to be organized to them considering the unique characteristics of the raw

material sector in the ESEE region (revealed in WP2). The goal of the program is to train

professionals and develop their knowledge about the main fields of business life and give a strategic

approach to ensure the development and sustainment of the enterprises. They would be familiar with

the international trends of raw material sector in the European Union and able to control

organizations, business activities (such as creating a business plan, making basic financial and tax

calculations, marketing and operation plan, market analysis) and the human resource as well. This

program also would like to enhance progress in the participants’s career and motivate them to start

their own business.

WP3 concentrates on the youth generation (Y and Z, generations that grew up with wireless

technology) regarding their special needs. In the course of realization of their own ideas, these young

people expect that foreign experiences, diverse knowledge and skills will provide good references

either in the course of innovative initiations to be launched in the home country, or when starting a

business. The new businesses adapting the knowledge of innovation can spread in the periphery and

disseminate the idea of new products and services, and thus, will gain competitive advantages.

Task 3.1 – preparing training materials

Business training materials (6+4 curricula) should be developed, which can be given to the

participants of summer schools. Some materials will be common (6 curricula) and will be used in

every summer school, but some materials will be different and (national) specific because of the local

differences (related to RM sector, tax legislation and local regulations – 4 curricula/V4 countries).

Most of the curricula will be available at a distance learning surface as well at the North Hungarian

Regional Distance Education Center website (belongs to the University of Miskolc). These materials

will be used in WP5 as blended learning.

Task 3.2 – creating applications system, recruiting

Trainings/workshops/Blended Courses supported by distance learning materials are organized by

higher education institutions for their students. In the selection process, the primary consideration will

be to take into account the learning outcomes, while paying special attention to the aspects of equal


Task 3.3 – International Summer School (three times)

We offer small and medium enterprises development training programs in the frame of summer

schools. The participants learn to put in value their knowledge: from creating innovative solutions to

make them sustainable with the appropriate business model, and customer relationships. They

understand the needs of companies and get in touch with real business world. In the International

Summer School the undergraduate and postgraduate engineer students will take part in lectures and

a professional study tour where they will be able to get acquainted with best domestic practices. The

events will be organized in Kosice, Krakow and Miskolc. This latter has a unique character: it will be

supported with SAP ERP software and training, which contributes to deeper knowledge about the

operation of companies.



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